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crepes and bbq chicken

I did it.

I used my crockpot for the first time. I know, shocking.

Here’s my thing with crockpots. How can it possibly be safe for anything to “simmer” for eight hours? It makes me so nervous. “Put all these ingredients in your crockpot, then turn up the heat, leave the house and don’t come back all day. I swear your house will still be there when you get back.”

Well I am here to report to you all that this morning I did just what they told me.

I filled my little red pot up and left the house (tempted to set up some kind of security camera or baby monitor contraption to keep an eye on it), and to my relief, it is still standing! Aaand my chicken is still not done. I also learned I need to start earlier when I am going to be using my lil crocker. At this rate I won’t be having dinner until 10.

But by the smell that has filled my home, it’s going to be worth it.

In the mean time…

I miss France…
So I gave in and made crepes. I followed a recipe I found online, but added 1 tsp. of vanilla extract, and holymeltinmymouth, I am almost positive that is exactly how Paris makes them. I may have jumped the gun on the dolloping of the Nutella. But hey, you can never have enough hazelnut goodness.

In other news, I failed to inform Bentley that today is the day we begin training for a 5k…

He won’t look at me right now.

I have had that Couch to 5k app on my phone since before Europe and was excited to get back to get started. And gosh, I am so glad I started after Europe, because I think all the walking we did there set me up for success. A little pre-workout…workout, if you will.

Anyways- I started it today and it is AMAZING. Maybe it’s because I truly did get prepared walking miles a day in London. Even if it’s not, the way it’s set up is so easy! It makes me feel like I can get it done without dry heaving 4 minutes in. Which is what would normally happen. I am not, I repeat, not a runner. But this program alternates between running and walking until your body gets used to it then slowly works up to all running.

And only once did I think of quitting. Progress my friends, progress. Bentley on the other hand, had already been playing all day and was blindsided by the extra exercise. He is still in the exact place he is in that picture. Oh wait, he just inched closer to his water bowl. Poor guy.

No more crepes.
Okay maybe on a cheat day or something like that. But I am getting back in the swing of things, and am so excited to track my progress!

If you have am iPhone you should download Couch to 5k and join me! Yay encouragement and community!

For some reason I’ve stopped to look at my fridge multiple times today.

You should take a look. Parrrticcularly up there in the top left corner. Morgan Stridde everyone. Get’s me every time.

Meg’s on her way to try out my first Crockpot recipe. Cross your fingers!


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