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almond butter

I don’t know when I decided I love cooking so much.

I should have seen it coming. Everyone in my family loves to cook. My ma, my ma’s ma, my pa, my pa’s ma, my bro… you get the point. And equally so, everyone in my family loves to eat. Good thing too, because so many delicious things were conjured up in my home growing up.

I had no idea cooking would act as some sort of a release for me. Awesome. I like immediate results. And with the exception of an 8 hour Crockpot recipe (those will be far and in between), I think cooking gives some pretty satisfying and immediate results.

Plus, who knew there was more to life than Ramen noodles and mozzarella sticks??

Like the amazing cilantro lime corn I made at midnight last night to take for lunch today? And I even got to practice self control by not eating the whole pot before bed! Or that delicioussss chicken I made the other night that will be accompanying my corn in my cute little lunch box today. Okay… I take a WalMart bag… Not very cute for a cooking girl. The chicken was a hit by the way. I know you were wondering.

Or the random willpower I got when I woke up this morning to just whip up some fresh almond butter for my toast. Never in my life (Ma, vouch for me on this) have I ever been able to do anything, much less “whip something up” before sayyy 10:30-11… I’d even say 12. It’s embarrassing. But this morning I must have sat straight up in bed craving almonds because I hadn’t even brushed my teeth before I woke up to the sound of my own food processor. GOOD morning.

At this point I thought coffee was a good idea.
I would like to bring to your attention that in the past 2 minutes while typing on my computer that is sitting on top of a cake box, which is sitting almost in the sink, I have burnt my toast to a crisp.

It looks like I’ll be eating my almond butter with a spoon. Yummy, just the way I like it.

Oh and now I’m almost late for work. Oh dear.


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