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cilantro lime white bean hummus

I just had a little scuffle with my inner fat girl.

She won.

I feel like this isn’t something I should tell you in my second blog post about eating healthy… but I decided everybody makes mistakes. Plus maybe it will make you feel better about your midnight Sonic runs for mozzarella sticks. (P.S. I can’t decide if those are a temptation from the devil, or a precious gift from the Lord.) Maybe the way to a normal girl’s heart is through diamonds or flowers or whatever. But the way to my heart is with a motz stick. That’s what we call ’em at the Bento Box. It’s more fun to say. Try it. Motz stick.

But that’s not even what I caved into just now.

I was about to enter the doorway to the guest room of my parents house and suddenly what seemed like a forceful wind spun me around and shoved me back in the kitchen. Next thing I knew I was eating a bowl of ziti and a corn dog.

I am disgusting.

In my defense, I didn’t finish the corn dog. And now I feel sick. If that makes any difference at all.

But gosh, I had been doing so good! Ma always tells me nothing good happens after midnight. I finally understand what she means.

Let’s be real. I know I’m not the only one this happens to. Right? Funny thing, because the topic for today in Made to Crave was centered around the thought of letting God down. I’ve thought about this so. many. times. when trying to get into a healthy routine. My lack of self control is not honoring him with my body. I don’t feel good about the way I look, therefore my spirit is not full of joy. My favorite thing Lysa said today was this, “When I don’t have peace physically, I don’t have peace spiritually… I need spiritual motivation to step in where my physical determination falls short.” So, so true. We may think we can keep the two areas of our life separated but we can’t! We have no choice but to give it over.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my cravings are the Lords. Well, when I say it like that I wonder why I can’t follow through more often. Hmm.

Big day tomorrow.
You’ll see.

Now go back in your kitchen and make this delicious hummus.

And yes, it’s WAY better than my last attempt.